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 投稿者:UNIVERSAL EXPORTS SARL M  投稿日:2014年 1月18日(土)18時44分0秒
  Dear Mr.

My company and I personally have an interest to buy the whole island and caused partial urbanization, up to 20%

Methods of urbanization are:

Eco house

Pontoon, floating airport, length up to 800 meters, which is also a port / artificial reef

Processing of sea water in the technical water

Treatment of wastewater into clean water.

Reforestation, and adding plants and flowers (eco tera formation)

Electricity generation from wind, solar and tidal


25 villas (area up to 250 square meters)

The main complex (2500 square meters)

Paths for walking, cycling and mountain railways

Restaurant, Observatory and helioport + starting position for paragliding

sport fishing

Diving sports

That's it ...

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