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I'll not forgive u.

 投稿者:  投稿日:2020年 6月11日(木)20時24分57秒
  Please don't imitate my post.
If u were a bishop in England a few centuries ago, u were on fire
I'll not forgive u, I believe in God so dat u may receive the judgment of God equally.
Recently, protests against the Black murder of a Minneapolis Black in the West have been struck, but I am saying that the lives of a Black person is important. I hate White who say that Black lives are not important.
They are racists and dangerous discriminators.
Normally, human lives should be respected regardless of race, but stupid humans will not stop discrimination.
Well, I think that European and American cultures are interesting, but the biggest flaw is still discriminatory thinking based on religious thought.
In the first place, the color of the skin doesn't determine human value, and its only the selfish imagination of believers of religious belief that Black and other colors from the religious perspective are considered evil.
At the same time, from the perspective of me, they're the same person, and I think its crazy to be discriminated against by the color of their skin.



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